Happy Baby Workout DVD

What is Happy Baby Workout?

Happy Baby Workout is a unique exercise training routine for Mom and Baby designed to benefit them both and strengthen their bond.  Moms get to exercise, and the baby builds valuable coordination skills, develops his brain, and gets "tummy time" to build strength in his neck muscles. The program is revolutionary in its approach to combining mom and baby fitness along with early childhood development lessons. 


Happy Baby Workout was designed by the sister power team duo of Fitness Expert, Dulcinea Lee Hellings and Early Childhood Educator, Andrea Vickers. 

"It's not just a workout for Mom, its an enriching experience for Baby"

Happy Baby Workout is a 40 minute workout combining cardio, strength building and stretching all while you bond with your baby.  No extra equipment is required.  Your baby is your resistence.  This is a fabulous workout for mom but also a stimulating eperience for baby as they work on sensory development, fine and gross motor development, tummy time and brain development.  What a fabulous way to get your pre-baby body back and bond with your new arrival at the same time!

Happy Baby Workout DVD
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